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Authors: Endres, Helmut
Heid, Rolf
Keller, Heimo J.
Heinen, Ilsabe
Schweitzer, Dieter
Title: The double-stack structure of di(3,4-ethylenedithio-3',4'-dimethyl-2,2',5,5'-tetrathiafulvalenium)perchlorate, (DIMET)2ClO4
Issue Date: 1987 Zeitschriftenartikel Acta crystallographica, C 43 (1987), S. 115-117. URL
Abstract: 2C10H10S6 1/2+.ClO-4 , M r= 744·62, triclinic, PI, α=7·000 (2), b =7·824 (3), c = 27·010 (14) A, α = 88· 10 (4), β= 89·02 (4), Y = 74· 58 (3)°, V = 1425 A 3, Z=2, Dx=1·73gcm-3, λ( MoKa) = 0·7107 A, μ= 10·1 cm-1, F(000) = 762, room temperature, final R = 0.063 for 3076 observed independent reflections. Two crystallographically independent DIMET molecules each with an average charge of ½+ form stacks, which run nearly perpendicularly to one another. Within each stack, two different interplanar spacings between adjacent parallel molecules are found. These overlap patterns are similar to those found in tetrahydrofuran solvate. The stacks are arranged side by side perpendicular to the long molecular axis to give a sheet-like arrangement.
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