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Authors: Berndl, Karin
Käs, Josef
Lipowsky, Reinhard
Sackmann, Erich
Seifert, Udo
Title: Shape transformations of giant vesicles : extreme sensitivity to bilayer asymmetry
Issue Date: 1990 Zeitschriftenartikel Europhysics letters 13 (1990), S. 659-664
Abstract: Shape transformations of vesicles of lecithin (DMPC) in water are induced by changing the temperature which effectively changes the volume-to-area ratio. Three different routes are found which include i) symmetric-asymmetric re-entrant transitions from a dumbbell to pear-shaped state, ii) the expulsion of a smaller vesicle (budding), and iii) discocytestomatocyte transitions. All of these shape transformations are explained within a model for the bending energy of the bilayer which assumes i) that the two monolayers do not exchange lipid molecules, and ii) that the two adjacent monolayers exhibit a small difference in their thermal expansivities which is easily produced, e.g., by residual impurities.
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