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Authors: Kasperson, Roger E.
Renn, Ortwin
Slovic, Paul
Kasperson, Jeanne X.
Emani, Srinivas
Title: Social amplification of risk: the media and public response
Issue Date: 1989 Konferenzbeitrag Post, Roy G. (Hrsg.): Waste processing, transportation, storage and disposal, technical programs and public education. Vol. 1 : High-level waste and general interest. Tucson, Ariz., 1989, S. 131-135
Abstract: The risk associated with radioactive and other hazardous waste disposal may be expected to interact with societal processes to enlarge or attenuate the consequences of risks and events. Using a data base of 128 hazard events that have ocurred largely over the past ten years, the authors examine the role of physical consequences, media coverage, and public perceptions of risks in generating social and economic impacts. The analysis concludes that social amplification processes substantially shape the nature and magnitude of those impacts but also that such social amplification appears to be systematically relate to characteristics of the risks and risk events.
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