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Authors: Ciampi, Vincenzo
Eligehausen, Rolf
Bertero, Vitelmo V.
Popov, Egor P.
Title: Hysteretic behavior of deformed reinforcing bars under seismic excitations
Issue Date: 1982 Konferenzbeitrag Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Vol. 4. Athens : Techn. Chamber of Greece, 1982, S. 179-187
Abstract: A mathematical model of a deformed bar an anchored in a concrete block, recently developed by the authors, has been generalized to cover the bond conditions found in exterior and interior joints of reinforced concrete frames subjected to severe earthquake loadings. The analytically predicted response compares well with the results of a series of tests conducted in Berkeley for monotonic and cyclic loadings. An extensive numerical investigation has been carried out to show the influence on the anchored bar behavior of different parameters such as: 1) Severity of hysteretic requirements, 2) Characteristics of steel (namely yield stress and strain hardening), 3) anchorage length. The results of this investigation are used to offer some practical recommendations and conclusions.
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