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Authors: Vintzéleou, Elizabeth
Eligehausen, Rolf
Title: Behaviour of fasteners under monotonic or cyclic shear displacements
Issue Date: 1991 Buchbeitrag Anchors in concrete : design and behavior. Detroit : ACI, 1991 (ACI publication 130), S. 181-203
Abstract: An experimental program was carried out to investigate the behaviour of metallic fasteners (undercut, torque controlled expansion and chemical anchors) embedded in cracked concrete and subjected to shear displacements, under shear displacements is similar. Fasteners situated close to an edge and loaded towards the edge exhibit brittle concrete failure. Cyclic loadings are possible only for displacements which are much lower than the values corresponding to the monotonic peak load. Fastenings away from an edge will cause steel failure with large displacements. During cyclic loading, a severe force-response degradation was observed. Empirical formulae are proposed to predict the strength of anchors, as well as strength degradation during cyclic loading.
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