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Authors: Wunderlich, Hans-Joachim
Title: Protest: a tool for probabilistic testability analysis
Issue Date: 1985 Konferenzbeitrag Ofek, Hillel (Hrsg.): 22nd ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference. Baltimore, Md. : Computer Soc. of the IEEE, 1985. - ISBN 0-8186-0635-5, S. 204-211. URL 10.1109/DAC.1985.1585936
Abstract: The CAD-tool PROTEST (Probabilistlc Testability Analysis) is presented. PROTEST estimates for each fault of a combinational circuit its detection probability which can be used as a testability measure. Moreover it calculates the number of random test patterns which must be generated in order to achieve the required fault coverage. It is also demonstrated that the fault coverage will increase and the necesssry number of random patterns will drastically decrease, if each primary input is stimulated by test patterns having specific probabilities of being logical "1". PROTEST uses this fact and determines for each input the optimal signal probability for a randomly generated pattern.
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