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Authors: Niecke, Edgar
Gudat, Dietrich
Title: Iminophosphanes: unconventional compounds of main group elements
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel Angewandte Chemie, International edition 30 (1991), S. 217-237. URL
Abstract: The large number of known stable compounds in which phosphorus has a low coordination number makes it clear that such compounds can no longer be regarded as "exotic" in main group chemistry. While the rich chemistry of P-C multiply bonded systems makes clear their affinity to their organic congeners, iminophosphanes in particular are also of increasing importance. The linkage of a phosphinidine fragment with an imine fragment via a multiple bond gives rise to a class of compounds with an unusually wide range of structural types. This in turn leads to a broad spectrum of chemical behavior which makes iminophosphanes extremely useful synthetic building blocks in organoelement chemistry.
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