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Authors: Engesser, Karl-Heinrich
Auling, Georg
Busse, Jürgen
Knackmuss, Hans-Joachim
Title: 3-Fluorobenzoate enriched bacterial strain FLB 300 degrades benzoate and all three isomeric monofluorobenzoates
Issue Date: 1990 Zeitschriftenartikel Archives of microbiology 153 (1990), S. 193-199. URL
Abstract: The bacterial strain FLB300 was enriched with 3-fluorobenzoate as sole carbon source. Besides benzoate all isomeric monofluorobenzoates were utilized. Regioselective 1,2-dioxygenation rather than 1,6-dioxygenation yielded 4-fluorocatechol and minimized the production of toxic 3-fluorocatechol. Degradation of 4-fluorocatechol was mediated by reactions of ortho cleavage pathway activities. Chemotaxonomic and r-RNA data excluded strain FLB300 from a phylogenetically defined genus Pseudomonas and suggested its allocation to the alpha-2 subclass of Proteobacteria in a new genus of the Agrobacterium-Rhizobium branch.
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