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Authors: Voß, Alfred
Title: Waves, currents, tides - problems and prospects
Issue Date: 1979 Zeitschriftenartikel Energy 4 (1979), S. 823-831
Abstract: A quantitative estimation of the energy potential of ocean surface waves, ocean currents and tides and a review of the techniques for utilizing these renewable energy sources, their present state of development and their economic and environmental aspects are presented. The potential of wave power, which is in the order of 1-10 TW, could become a significant source of energy in regions of the world with favorable wave conditions, such as the United Kingdom and Japan. All wave-power schemes investigated today are in an early stage of development, and require more research to become commercially available. The prospects for utilizing ocean currents are relatively unattractive due to the small resource base and the possible environmental effects. Although tidal mills have been used since the eleventh century, today only one sizable tidal power plant has been built, the 240MW, Rance Tidal Power Station in France. The overall potential of tidal energy is about 3TW, but only in certain locations of the world do the natural conditions promise technical and economic viability.
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