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Authors: Berroth, Manfred
Bosch, Roland
Title: High-frequency equivalent circuit of GaAs FET's for large-signal applications
Issue Date: 1991 Zeitschriftenartikel IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 39 (1991), S. 224-229. URL 10.1109/22.102964
Abstract: The application of GaAs field effect transistors in digital circuits requires a valid description by an equivalent circuit at all possible gate and drain bias voltages for all frequencies from DC up to the gigahertz range. An equivalent circuit is presented which takes into account the gate current of positively biased transistors as well as the symmetrical nature of the devices at low drain voltages. A fast method of determining the elements of the equivalent circuit at all bias points without frequency limitations is presented. Direct computation from analytical expressions, without iteration, allows this parameter extraction procedure to be used for real-time on-wafer parameter extraction. Large-signal calculations are possible by inserting the voltage dependences evaluation for the elements into suitable simulation programs, such as SPICE.
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