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Authors: Wang, Zhigong
Berroth, Manfred
Nowotny, Ulrich
Ludwig, Manfred
Hofmann, Peter
Hülsmann, Axel
Köhler, Klaus
Raynor, Brian
Schneider, Joachim
Title: Integrated laser-diode voltage driver for 20-Gb/s optical systems using 0.3- μm gate length quantum-well HEMT's
Issue Date: 1993 Zeitschriftenartikel IEEE journal of solid-state circuits 28 (1993), S. 829-834. URL /10.1109/4.222183
Abstract: An integrated laser-diode voltage driver (LDVD) making use of enhancement/depletion AlGaAs-GaAs quantum-well high electron mobility transistors (QW HEMTs) with gate lengths of 0.3 μm has been developed. Its large signal bandwidth is 12 GHz. Eye diagrams of the output signal at bit rates up to 8 Gb/s show an opening similar to that of the input signal. Supporting material is given indicating that the LDVD might operate at bit rates up to 20 Gb/s. The maximum output current is over 90 mA; the maximum modulation voltage of 800 mV corresponds to 40-mA modulation current for a laser diode with 20-Ω dynamic resistance. The power consumption is less than 500 mW.
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