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Authors: Bischof, Werner
Ehrlinger, Wolfgang
Berroth, Manfred
Reinert, Werner
Title: Modelling and realization of a monolithic 27 GHz HEMT amplifier in coplanar waveguide technology
Issue Date: 1990 Konferenzbeitrag Conference proceedings / 20th European Microwave Conference 90 : Monday 10th to Thursday 13th September 1990, Duna Inter-Continental Hotel, Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 2. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK : Microwave Exhibitions and Publishers, 1990. - ISBN 0-946821-17-8, S. 943-948
Abstract: A monolithic integrated amplifier in HFET-Technology for the 27 GHz band is presented, fitted for the use in digital radio link front ends with dedicated in- and out-of-band specifications. The amplifier consists of two stages of 0.5 μm HFETs and some passive circuitry for matching, biasing and gain stabilizing. Coplanar waveguides and lumped elements like thinfilm resistors, MIM-capacitors and spiral inductors were used. All passiv and active components were measured separately and the derived circuit models were placed into a CAD-library.
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