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Authors: Bischof, Werner
Ehrlinger, Wolfgang
Berroth, Manfred
Reinert, Werner
Title: A monolithic HEMT-amplifier with feedback in coplanar waveguide technology
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Conference proceedings / 22nd European Microwave Conference 92 : Monday 24th to Thursday 27th August 1992, Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland. Vol. 2. Tunbridge Wells : Microwave Exhibitions and Publ, 1992. - ISBN 0-946821-87-9, S. 833-838
Abstract: A monolithic integrated wide-band amplifier is presented, which consists of two 0.3 μm HEMT-stages in GaAs/GaAlAs-Technology. The main signal path consists of a coplanar waveguide, which interfaces conveniently to the HEMT-cells. A feedback circuit with R, L and C connects gate and drain. To close the feedback loop small scale microstrip lines were combined with CPW /1, 2, 4/. Matching is done with a LC circuit at the gate and a combination of transmission line and capacitor at the drain. In addition there are some other passive elements for biasing, which reduce external components to a minimum. All element models were checked with measured data and placed into a CAD-library for easy use in the design process.
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