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Authors: Brown, Halina S.
Derr, Patrick
Renn, Ortwin
White, Allen L.
Title: Corporate environmentalism in a global economy : societal values in international technology transfer [Auszug]
Issue Date: 1993 Buch
URI: Kapitel 6 (S. 149-178) ist nicht enthalten. Enthält nur die folgenden Kapitel:<br>Acknowledgments<br>1. Introduction<br>2. Values and culture in technology transfer<br>3. Corporate and host country profiles<br>4. Tales of three facilities<br>5. Host country development policies and EH&S<br>7. Business arrangements and EH&S<br>8. Synthesis : value conflicts and implications for international technology transfer<br>Bibliography<br>Index
Abstract: This book reflects a melding of several streams of research. Nearly two decades ago, researchers at Clark University's Center for Technology, Environment, and Development (CENTED) engaged the problem of classifying, comparing, and managing technological hazards. This early work kindled an interest in the ethical and value issues attendant in societal management of hazards, and the group took on studies of equity issues in the management of radioactive wastes and of the management of differential susceptibility and exposures to hazards in the workplace and the general environment. A focus on the corporate sector flowed naturally from that earlier work at CENTED, and its first chapter came to fruition in a 1988 volume on the corporate management of health and safety. This book can be viewed as the serond chapter. It focuses on the international aspects of hazard management at manufacturing facilities and extends the analytical perspective to include all the key actors in international technology transfer: host countries, multinational corporations, and host country joint venture partners.
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