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Authors: Renn, Ortwin
Title: A regional concept of qualitative growth and sustainability : a pilot project for the German State of Baden-Württemberg. 2. edition
Issue Date: 1995 Arbeitspapier
Series/Report no.: Arbeitsbericht / Akademie für Technikfolgenabschätzung in Baden-Württemberg;2 (2. ed.)
Abstract: Research objectives: a) Conceptualization of the terms "sustainability" and "qualitative growth" and their operationalization for a regional conversion strategy; b} Design of a regional strategy aiming at the conversion of the economic structure of the State of Baden-Württemberg towards sustainability; c) Development of policy tools to initiate, promote, intensify, and facilitate the process of conversion; d) Drawing up several case studies from industry, trades, agriculture, forestry, insurance, the construction industry and education system.
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