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Authors: Bischoff, Oliver
Hofsäß, Martin
Rettenmeier, Andreas
Schlipf, David
Siegmeier, Björn
Title: Statistical load estimation using a nacelle-based lidar system
Issue Date: 2010 Konferenzbeitrag German Wind Energy Conference - DEWEK (10th, 2010, Bremen)
Abstract: The paper presents the results of statistical load analyses based on data measured at the 5MW AREVA Wind M5000 onshore prototype. Measurements with standard meteorological measurement devices are analysed and compared to measurements with a pulsed LIDAR system which is enhanced with a multi-purpose scanning device installed on the top of the nacelle of the turbine. Based on these measurements statistical summaries of relevant meteorological parameters have been used for normative procedures to calculate the mechanical loads which occur at the wind energy turbine. It could be verified that LIDAR systems can substitute standard measurement devices for a load estimation of wind energy turbines.
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