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Authors: Kemmler, Stefan
Dazer, Martin
Leopold, Tobias
Bertsche, Bernd
Title: Method for the development of a functional adaptive simulation model for designing robust products
Issue Date: 2014 Konferenzbeitrag Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days - WOST (11th, 2014, Weimar) 21
Abstract: Products have to ensure their function under the inuence of internal and external noise factors in order to remain competitive in the current market. Therefore the step of designing robust products should be integrated in early stages of the Product Development Process (PDP). Robust products are developed using the Robust Design Method SMART (Systematic Method for Axiomatic Robustness-Testing). Thus far, SMART was applied and veri ed based on a simple mechanical machine element. In this paper, the method will be applied to a complex technical system. Additionally, the confict of aiming between the high e orts and the level of detail in the creation of a simulation model are discussed. This confict is brought about owing to the complex functionality of the design. In order to solve the conict, an approach is given for the creation of an adjusted simulation model. Short simulation times are an advantage for the analysis of parameters regarding robustness. The adaptive simulation model discussed in this paper is based on a exible and equation-based model, which is extended with local -structural-mechanical SUB-models for a more detailed analysis. This approach o ers the option of obtaining rst insights about the functionality of the product and the opportunity to complement the simulation model iteratively for the following design phases. This approach complements SMART on the one hand in the simulative design of robust design parameters and, on the other hand, in their reliability prediction in both the Parameter Design and Tolerance Design phase.
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