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Autor(en): Broy, Nora
Titel: Stereoscopic 3D user interfaces : exploring the potentials and risks of 3D displays in cars
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Dokumentart: Dissertation
Seiten: xxii, 305
Zusammenfassung: During recent years, rapid advancements in stereoscopic digital display technology has led to acceptance of high-quality 3D in the entertainment sector and even created enthusiasm towards the technology. The advent of autostereoscopic displays (i.e., glasses-free 3D) allows for introducing 3D technology into other application domains, including but not limited to mobile devices, public displays, and automotive user interfaces - the latter of which is at the focus of this work. Prior research demonstrates that 3D improves the visualization of complex structures and augments virtual environments. We envision its use to enhance the in-car user interface by structuring the presented information via depth. Thus, content that requires attention can be shown close to the user and distances, for example to other traffic participants, gain a direct mapping in 3D space.
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