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Authors: Ertl, Thomas
Ruder, Hanns
Gruber, Karin
Günther, Michael
Hospach, Frank
Krebs, Thomas
Subke, Jörg
Widmayer, Karin
Title: Interactive control of biomechanical animation : contribution to the GI Workshop: Visualisierung - Rolle von Interaktivitat und Echtzeit, GMD, Sankt Augustin, 2.-3. Juni 1992
Issue Date: 1992 Konferenzbeitrag Workshop Visualisierung - Rolle von Interaktivität und Echtzeit (1992, Sankt Augustin) 7 Krüger, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Visualisierung - Rolle von Interaktivität und Echtzeit : Workshop. Sankt Augustin : GMD, 1992, 7 S.
Abstract: Physical based animation can be generated by performing a complete dynamical simulation of multi-body systems. This leads to a complex system of differential equations which has to be solved incorporating biomechanical results for the physics of impacts. Motion control is achieved by interactively modifying the internal torques. Realtime response requires the distribution of the workload of the computation between a highspeed computerserver and the graphics workstation by means of a remote procedure call mechanism.
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