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Autor(en): Abdulkhaleq, Asim
Vöst, Sebastian
Wagner, Stefan
Thomas, John
Titel: An industrial case study on the evaluation of a safety engineering approach for software-intensive systems in the automotive domain
Erscheinungsdatum: 2016
Dokumentart: Preprint
Seiten: 27
Zusammenfassung: Safety remains one of the essential and vital aspects in today's automotive systems. These systems, however, become ever more complex and dependent on software which is responsible for most of their critical functions. Therefore, the software components need to be analysed and verified appropriately in the context of software safety. The complexity of software systems makes defining software safety requirements with traditional safety analysis techniques difficult. A new technique called STPA (Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis) based on system and control theory has been developed by Leveson to cope with complex systems. Based on STPA, we have developed a comprehensive software safety engineering approach in which the software and safety engineers integrate the analysis of software risks with their verification to recognize the software-related hazards and reduce the risks to a low level. In this paper, we explore and evaluate the application of our approach to a real industrial system in the automotive domain. The case study was conducted analysing the software controller of the Active Cruise Control System (ACC) of the BMW Group.
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