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Authors: Danish, Lubna
Title: Characterization of TRAIL-mediated apoptotic pathways in the lung cancer cell line NCI-H460 with focus on caspase-3 and XIAP
Issue Date: 2016 Dissertation 121
Abstract: Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL), a member of the TNF superfamily of cytokines, was discovered in mid-90s. Due to its unique capability of selectively killing tumor cells without affecting normal tissues, it gained much attention as a potential tumor therapeutic. Intensive research has been done during the last two decades to utilize the natural cytokine and derived molecules thereof as effective death inducer for cancer therapy. Unfortunately a big hurdle is the primary or acquired resistance of many tumor cells to TRAIL. Since TRAIL can activate both the extrinsic as well as the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis, blocking the intrinsic mitochondrial amplification loop in so-called type II cells can confer apoptosis resistance to TRAIL.
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