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Authors: Ramadani, Jasmin
Wagner, Stefan
Title: How do coupled file changes influence how developers seek help during maintenance tasks?
Issue Date: 2017 Konferenzbeitrag QRS - IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security (2017, Prag)
Abstract: Software repositories contain a lot of information that can be transformed into suggestions other files they need to modify during maintenance tasks (so-called “coupled changes”). Existing studies however ignore developer feedback and their influence on the developer strategy for getting help during maintenance tasks. We used the Grounded Theory approach to investigate screen capture videos from an experiment to find which information sources developers use to find help and what is their relevance. We compared the frequency as well as the sequence patterns of used information sources both for the developers using coupled change suggestions and those not using them. We found a set of information sources where the developers seek for help and identified two categories of relevance. Also, we discovered that for the tasks using coupled change suggestions, the developers used mostly the internal IDE elements as an information source whereby the developers not using coupled change suggestions often used external sources like the documentation or the web. Coupled change suggestions influence the strategy how the developers seek for help by reducing the search for information on external locations which makes the process of solving maintenance tasks more compact.
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