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Authors: Lemmer, Frank
Müller, Kolja
Yu, Wei
Schlipf, David
Cheng, Po Wen
Title: Optimization of floating offshore wind turbine platforms with a self-tuning controller
Issue Date: 2017 Konferenzbeitrag International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (36th, 2017, Trondheim) 10
URI: This is an author version of the original publication
Abstract: The dynamic response of floating offshore wind turbines is complex and requires numerous design iterations in order to converge at a cost-efficient hull shape with reduced responses to wind and waves. In this article, a framework is presented, which allows the optimization of design parameters with respect to user-defined criteria such as load reduction and material costs. The optimization uses a simplified nonlinear model of the floating wind turbine and a self-tuning model-based controller. The results are shown for a concrete three-column semi-submersible and a 10MW wind turbine, for which a reduction of the fluctuating wind and wave loads is possible through the optimization. However, this happens at increased material costs for the platform due to voluminous heave plates or increased column spacing.
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