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Autor(en): Grüninger, Christoph
Fetzer, Thomas
Flemisch, Bernd
Helmig, Rainer
Titel: Coupling DuMuX and DUNE-PDELab to investigate evaporation at the interface between Darcy and Navier-Stokes flow
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Verlag: Stuttgart : SimTech - Cluster of Excellence
Dokumentart: Arbeitspapier
Seiten: 16
Serie/Report Nr.: Preprint series / Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technology (SRC SimTech);2017,1
Zusammenfassung: An implementation of a coupled Navier-Stokes/Darcy model based on different Dune discretization modules is presented. The Darcy model is taken from DuMuX, the Navier-Stokes model is implemented on top of Dune-PDELab, and the coupling is done with help of Dune-MultiDomain together with some project-specific auxiliary code. The Navier-Stokes model features one fluid phase, the Darcy model two fluid phases. Each fluid phase may be composed of two components, in addition, non-isothermal processes are considered. The coupling between free and porous-medium flow uses a sharp interface between both subdomains and conserves mass, momentum, and energy by accounting for the corresponding fluxes across the interface. A cell-centered finite volume method (FVM) is combined with a marker and cell (MAC) scheme. It solves the coupled problem in one monolithic system using a Newton method and a direct linear solver. Numerical results demonstrate the basic functioning and a lab-scale reference application.
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