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Authors: Endres, Christian
Title: A pattern language for modeling the provisioning of applications
Issue Date: 2015 Abschlussarbeit (Master) 80
Abstract: In cloud computing, there are various technologies that automate the provisioning of cloud applications by employing different domain-specific languages and modeling techniques. These domain-specific languages and modeling techniques encompass different extents of functionality that the user have to know before the decision for or against a technology can be made. This master thesis contributes by introducing the Application Provisioning Modeling Pattern Language that enables the user to understand the underlying principles of the considered technologies, choose one technology according the requirements, and model the provisioning of the desired cloud application. The introduced Application Provisioning Modeling Pattern Language fosters the understanding of cloud application provisioning and works out the differences of the considered technologies as well as shows how the concepts can be combined. The Application Provisioning Modeling Pattern Language is validated by documenting systematically the occurrences of the concepts, their requirements and implications and by providing a statistical basis that quantitatively proves the repeatedly occurrence of the found principles.
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