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Authors: Dingler, Tilman
Title: Cognition-aware systems to support information intake and learning
Issue Date: 2016 Dissertation xviii, 255
Abstract: Knowledge is created at an ever-increasing pace putting us under constant pressure to consume and acquire new information. Information gain and learning, however, require time and mental resources. While the proliferation of ubiquitous computing devices, such as smartphones, enables us to consume information anytime and anywhere, technologies are often disruptive rather than sensitive to the current user context. While people exhibit different levels of concentration and cognitive capacity throughout the day, applications rarely take these performance variations into account and often overburden their users with information or fail to stimulate. This work investigates how technology can be used to help people effectively deal with information intake and learning tasks through cognitive context-awareness. By harvesting sensor and usage data from mobile devices, we obtain people's levels of attentiveness, receptiveness, and cognitive performance. We subsequently use this cognition-awareness in applications to help users process information more effectively. Through a series of lab studies, online surveys, and field experiments we follow six research questions to investigate how to build cognition-aware systems. Awareness of user's variations in levels of attention, receptiveness, and cognitive performance allows systems to trigger appropriate content suggestions, manage user interruptions, and adapt User Interfaces in real-time to match tasks to the user's cognitive capacities. The tools, insights, and concepts described in this book allow researchers and application designers to build systems with an awareness of momentary user states and general circadian rhythms of alertness and cognitive performance.
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