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Authors: Calarco, Francesca
Cheng, Po Wen
Zieger, Toni
Ritter, Joachim
Title: Acoustic and seismic emissions from wind turbines
Issue Date: 2017 Konferenzbeitrag German Wind Energy Conference DEWEK (13th, 2017, Bremen) 4
Abstract: With regards to the interdisciplinary “TremAc” Project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, this paper examines acoustic and seismic emissions generated by wind turbines with the aim of identifying a better understanding of their interaction. Measurement campaigns will be carried out in the field around a single wind turbine plant and results in terms of acoustic and seismic signals will be correlated and then evaluated in relation to environmental factors such as wind speed, wind direction and temperature as well as to data related to the wind turbines-specifications (e.g. rotation speed).
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