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Authors: Oehler, Johannes
Title: Measuring apparent flow vector on a flexible wing kite
Issue Date: 2017 Abschlussarbeit (Master) XX, 80
Abstract: The master thesis deals with an airborne wind energy system, a new technology to harvest wind energy. In order to use flexible wing kites effectively in power generation, their size must be increased and aerodynamic performance should be systematically improved. To this end, validated models to predict the behavior of future kite designs are essential. The biggest uncertainty in current modeling approaches appears in the air flow experienced by the kite. This thesis develops a measurement setup for the apparent flow vector. An air data boom with a Pitot-static tube and two wind vanes is used to sense the relative flow directly below the kite. The acquired data is validated and shows that high-quality in-situ measurements of relative flow information are possible using the presented airborne setup.
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