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Autor(en): Das, Somesh
Titel: Modeling recommendations for pattern-based mashup plans
Erscheinungsdatum: 2018
Dokumentart: Abschlussarbeit (Master)
Seiten: 71
Zusammenfassung: Data mashups are modeled as pipelines. The pipelines are basically a chain of data processing steps in order to integrate data from different data sources into a single one. These processing steps include data operations, such as join, filter, extraction, integration or alteration. To create and execute data mashups, modelers need to have technical knowledge in order to understand these data operations. In order to solve this issue, an extended data mashup approach was created - FlexMash developed at the University of Stuttgart - which allows users to define data mashups without technical knowledge about any execution details. Consquently, modelers with no or limited technical knowledge can design their own domain-specific mashup based on their use case scenarios. However, designing data mashups graphically is still difficult for non-IT users. When users design a model graphically, it is hard to understand which patterns or nodes should be modeled and connected in the data flow graph. In order to cope with this issue, this master thesis aims to provide users modeling recommendations during modeling time. At each modeling step, user can query for recommendations. The recommendations are generated by analyzing the existing models. To generate the recommendations from existing models, association rule mining algorithms are used in this thesis. If users accept a recommendation, the recommended node is automatically added to the partial model and connected with the node for which recommendations were given.
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