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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Binary tiling quasicrystals and matching rulesGähler, Franz; Baake, Michael; Schlottmann, Martin
1990Classification of space groups for quasicrystals with (2+1)-reducible point groupGähler, Franz
1985Comment on "Structure of rapidly quenched Al-Mn"Gähler, Franz; Rhyner, Jakob
1990Comparison of HREM images and contrast simulations for dodecagonal Ni-Cr quasicrystalsBeeli, Conradin; Gähler, Franz; Nissen, Hans-Ude; Stadelmann, Pierre
1988Crystallography of dodecagonal quasicrystalsGähler, Franz
1993The dualisation method revisited : dualisation of product Laguerre complexes as a unifying frameworkGähler, Franz; Stampfli, Peter
1986Equivalence of the generalised grid and projection methods for the construction of quasiperiodic tilingsGähler, Franz; Rhyner, Jakob
1993Lattice dynamics of 3-dimensional tilings modelling icosahedral quasicrystalsLos, Joop; Janssen, Ted; Gähler, Franz
1993Matching rules for quasicrystals : the composition-decomposition methodGähler, Franz
1993The phonon spectrum of the octagonal tilingLos, Joop; Janssen, Ted; Gähler, Franz
1993Phonons in models for icosahedral quasicrystals : low frequency behaviour and inelastic scattering propertiesLos, Joop; Janssen, Ted; Gähler, Franz
1988Quasicrystal structures from the crystallographic viewpointGähler, Franz
1988Quasiperiodic tilings : a generalized grid projection methodKorepin, Vladimir E.; Gähler, Franz; Rhyner, Jakob
1993Scaling properties of vibrational spectra and eigenstates for tilings models of icosahedral quasicrystalsLos, Joop; Janssen, Ted; Gähler, Franz
1986Some mathematical problems arising in the study of quasicrystalsGähler, Franz
1984Wave fields in Weyl spaces and conditions for the existence of a preferred pseudo-Riemannian structureAudretsch, Jürgen; Gähler, Franz; Straumann, Norbert