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Authors: Korepin, Vladimir E.
Gähler, Franz
Rhyner, Jakob
Title: Quasiperiodic tilings : a generalized grid projection method
Issue Date: 1988 Zeitschriftenartikel Acta crystallographica, A 44 (1988), S. 667-672. URL
Abstract: We generalize the grid-projection method for the construction of quasiperiodic tilings. A rather general fundamental domain of the associated higher-dimensional lattice is used for the construction of the acceptance region. The arbitrariness of the fundamental domain allows for a choice which obeys all the symmetries of the lattice, which is important for the construction of tilings with a given non-trivial point-group symmetry in Fourier space. As an illustration, the construction of a two-dimensional quasiperiodic tiling with 12-fold orientational symmetry is described.
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