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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Adhesion-induced demolding forces of hard coated microstructures measured with a novel injection molding toolSchoenherr, Maximilian; Ruehl, Holger; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André; Gundelsweiler, Bernd
2023Analysis of tempering effects on LDS-MID and PCB substrates for HF applicationsWolf, Marius; Werum, Kai; Guenther, Thomas; Schleeh, Lisa; Eberhardt, Wolfgang; Zimmermann, André
2021Characterization of a PCB based pressure sensor and its joining methods for the metal membraneSchwenck, Adrian; Grözinger, Tobias; Guenther, Thomas; Schumacher, Axel; Schuhmacher, Dietmar; Werum, Kai; Zimmermann, André
2021Characterization of hermetically sealed metallic feedthroughs through injection-molded epoxy-molding compoundsHaybat, Mehmet; Guenther, Thomas; Kulkarni, Romit; Sahakalkan, Serhat; Grözinger, Tobias; Rothermel, Thilo; Weser, Sascha; Zimmermann, André
2022Characterization of wire-bonding on LDS materials and HF-PCBs for high-frequency applicationsGuenther, Thomas; Werum, Kai; Müller, Ernst; Wolf, Marius; Zimmermann, André
2021Development and proof of concept of a miniaturized MEMS quantum tunneling accelerometer cased on PtC tips by focused ion beam 3D nano-patterningHaub, Michael; Bogner, Martin; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André; Sandmaier, Hermann
2023Direct processing of PVD hard coatings via focused ion beam milling for microinjection moldingRuehl, Holger; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André
2018Injection compression molded microlens arrays for hyperspectral imagingRöder, Marcel; Drexler, Marc; Rothermel, Thilo; Meissner, Thomas; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André
2023Injection compression molding of LDS-MID for millimeter wave applicationsWolf, Marius; Werum, Kai; Eberhardt, Wolfgang; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André
2023Injection molding of encapsulated diffractive optical elementsWagner, Stefan; Treptow, Kevin; Weser, Sascha; Drexler, Marc; Sahakalkan, Serhat; Eberhardt, Wolfgang; Guenther, Thomas; Pruss, Christof; Herkommer, Alois; Zimmermann, André
2021Investigation of focused ion and electron beam platinum carbon nano-tips with transmission electron microscopy for quantum tunneling vacuum gap applicationsHaub, Michael; Guenther, Thomas; Bogner, Martin; Zimmermann, André
2020Mass-producible micro-optical elements by injection compression molding and focused ion beam structured titanium molding toolsRistok, Simon; Roeder, Marcel; Thiele, Simon; Hentschel, Mario; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André; Herkommer, Alois; Giessen, Harald
2020Open-eco-innovation for SMEs with pan-European key enabling technology centresCivelek, Faruk; Kulkarni, Romit; Fritz, Karl-Peter; Meyer, Tanja; Troulos, Costas; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André
2019Review on fabrication technologies for optical mold insertsRöder, Marcel; Guenther, Thomas; Zimmermann, André
2020Surface optimization of micro-integrated reflective optical elements by thermoset injection moldingGuenther, Thomas; Diegel, Lars; Roeder, Marcel; Drexler, Marc; Haybat, Mehmet; Wappler, Peter; Soltani, Mahdi; Zimmermann, André
2022Use of PtC nanotips for low-voltage quantum tunneling applicationsHaub, Michael; Guenther, Thomas; Bogner, Martin; Zimmermann, André