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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management 2021 : Stuttgart, Germany, September 05-08, 2021Fischer, Matthias; Barkmeyer, Mercedes; Albrecht, Stefan; Braune, Anna; Leistner, Philip; Seifert, Rainer; Kreissig, Johannes
2020Adjustment of the life cycle inventory in life cycle assessment for the flexible integration into energy systems analysisBetten, Thomas; Shammugam, Shivenes; Graf, Roberta
2022Assessing land use efficiencies and land quality impacts of renewable transportation energy systems for passenger cars using the LANCA methodUusitalo, Ville; Horn, Rafael; Maier, Stephanie D.
2021Environmental impacts of renewable insulation materialsGeß, Andreas; Lorenz, Manuel; Tolsdorf, Anna; Albrecht, Stefan
2019Integration of LCA in the planning phases of adaptive buildingsSchlegl, Friederike; Honold, Clemens; Leistner, Sophia; Albrecht, Stefan; Roth, Daniel; Haase, Walter; Leistner, Philip; Binz, Hansgeorg; Sobek, Werner
2019Managing uncertainties in LCA dataset selectionPfeuffer, Simon; Wehner, Daniel; Bouslama, Raed
2021Moving beyond land use intensity types : assessing biodiversity impacts using fuzzy thinkingLindner, Jan Paul; Eberle, Ulrike; Knuepffer, Eva; Coelho, Carla R. V.
2021A process-planning framework for sustainable manufacturingReiff, Colin; Buser, Matthias; Betten, Thomas; Onuseit, Volkher; Hoßfeld, Max; Wehner, Daniel; Riedel, Oliver
2022Research on optimization of the thermal performance of composite rammed earth constructionYu, Shenwei; Hao, Shimeng; Mu, Jun; Tian, Dongwei; Zhao, Mosha
2018Sustainability assessment of fuel cell buses in public transportLozanovski, Aleksandar; Whitehouse, Nicole; Ko, Nathanael; Whitehouse, Simon
2022Techno-economic feasibility of off-grid renewable energy electrification schemes : a case study of an informal settlement in NamibiaAmupolo, Aili; Nambundunga, Sofia; Chowdhury, Daniel S. P.; Grün, Gunnar
2021The dilemma of balancing design for impact sound with environmental performance in wood ceiling systems : a building physics perspectiveMüller, Theresa; Borschewski, David; Albrecht, Stefan; Leistner, Philip; Späh, Moritz