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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Berechnung der zeitlichen Dynamik gekoppelter Exziton-Phonon-Systeme mit Hilfe unitärer TransformationenHerfort, Ulrich
2013Charge and spin fractionalization in strongly correlated 1D systemsMoreno, Alexander
2011Crystalline phase for one-dimensional ultra-cold atomic bosonsBüchler, Hans Peter
2003Dynamics of the doped one-dimensional t-J model from quantum Monte Carlo simulationsLavalle, Catia
2000Elektronische Kopplung und Transferprozesse in Donor-Brücke-Akzeptor-SystemenRoccasalvo, Giuseppe
2003Hubbard and Kondo lattice models in two dimensions : a QMC studyFeldbacher, Martin
1990Localized states in anthrylpolyenes : influence of geometryHeine, Barbara; Sigmund, Ernst; Maier, Stefan; Port, Helmut; Wolf, Hans Christoph; Effenberger, Franz; Schlosser, Hubert
2006Nonequilibrium dynamics of strongly correlated quantum systemsManmana, Salvatore Rosario
2004Numerically exact studies of ultracold atoms on optical latticesRigol Madrazo, Marcos
2012On the possibility of fractional statistics in the two-dimensional t-J model at low dopingBeck, Thorsten
2008Quantum Monte Carlo studies of fermions with attractive interactions in optical trapsKarim Pour, Farshid
2011Quantum Monte Carlo studies of novel phases in strongly correlated systemsMeng, Zi Yang
2018Quantum Monte Carlo studies of strongly correlated systems for quantum simulatorsHumeniuk, Stephan
2011Quantum phase transitions in constrained Bose systemsBonnes, Lars
2015Quantum simulator for spin-orbital magnetismBühler, Adam
2015Quantum states with topological properties via dipolar interactionsPeter, David
2000Single hole dynamics in the t-J modelBrunner, Michael
2004Spin gap in doped ladder systemsCampos Venuti, Lorenzo
2013Strongly interacting many-body systems in cold atomic gasesHoner, Jens Daniel
2000Verallgemeinerungen und Anwendungen der Fulton-Gouterman-TransformationRapp, Matthias