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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Code execution reports: visually augmented summaries of executed source code fragmentsSiddiqui, Hafiz Ammar
2014Computational visualization of scalar fieldsAment, Marco
2015Distributed computing and transparency rendering for large displaysKauker, Daniel
2017Encoding high dynamic range and wide color gamut imageryFröhlich, Jan
2020Entwicklung eines SenseGlove-basierten Programms zur Erstellung und Manipulation von Molekülmodellen via VRGebhardt, Patrick
2019Evaluation of 2D combination of eye-tracking metrics for task distinctionMetin, Caglar Mehmet
2019Interaction concepts for collaborative reviewing and editing of large-scale 3D-models in AR/VR applicationsWruszczak, André
2015Interactive visual analysis of biomolecular simulationsKrone, Michael
2013Interactive visual analysis of vector fieldsBachthaler, Sven
2018Interactive web-based visualizationMwalongo, Finian
2017Investigation of volume rendering performance through active learning and visual analysisRoth, Stephan
2015Mapping molecular surfaces of arbitrary genus to a sphereFrieß, Florian
2017Online visualization of German power plants and their productionUllah, Kazi Riaz
2012Point-based visualization of molecular dynamics data setsGrottel, Sebastian
2010Processing of meshes and geometry for visualization applicationsBidmon, Katrin
2016Real-time ray tracing of volumetric dataRichter, Marcus
2014Strategies for efficient parallel visualizationFrey, Steffen
2015Topology and morphology of bounded vector fieldsMachado, Gustavo Mello
2020Umgang mit Forschungssoftware an der Universität StuttgartFlemisch, Bernd; Hermann, Sibylle; Holm, Christian; Mehl, Miriam; Reina, Guido; Uekermann, Benjamin; Boehringer, David; Ertl, Thomas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Iglezakis, Dorothea; Jaust, Alexander; Koch, Timo; Seeland, Anett; Weeber, Rudolf; Weik, Florian; Weishaupt, Kilian
2013Video visual analyticsHöferlin, Markus Johannes