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Authors: Zuo, Hualiang
Title: Selective oxidation of methane to hydrocarbon oxygenates using H2O2 over Fe-containing MFI zeolites in a micro fixed-bed reactor
Issue Date: 2018 Dissertation XVIII, 134
Abstract: The selective oxidation of methane to value-added hydrocarbon oxygenates has profound meaning not only for chemical industry but also for academic research. However, it is a key challenge in catalysis as methane is a highly symmetric molecule that does not possess any dipolar moment or functionality that would allow for directing chemical reactions. The presented work studied the selective oxidation of methane to hydrocarbon oxygenates using aqueous H2O2 as an oxidant over Fe-containing MFI zeolites. The aim of this work is to improve the catalytic performance by intensifying the mass transport, adapting reaction conditions and optimizing the preparation of Fe-containing MFI zeolites.
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