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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Development of a novel method and apparatus for analysis of die dynamics of an isothermal thermoset pultrusion processSelvarayan, Sathis Kumar
2021Development of a novel Escherichia coli production platform with uncoupled stringent responseKahlig, Annette Margarete
2021Regulation of basal and activity-mediated AMPAR endocytosis by Protein Kinase D (PKD)Oueslati Morales, Carlos Omar
2021Knowledge-based optimization of cell culture production mediaVerhagen, Natascha
2021Validierung der 3D-Prozesskarte und Entwicklung von Prozessstrategien für das äquiaxiale Kornwachstum im Laserstrahlschweißen von AluminiumNasr, Yassin
2020Reversible redox reactions for high temperature thermochemical energy storageWokon, Michael
2021Untersuchung zur Gewinnung von Lignin mittels autokatalytischem Ethanol/Wasser-Aufschluss und dessen hydrothermale Spaltung zu PhenolenUnkelbach, Gerd
2021A numerical method to improve the representativeness of real microstructure cut-outs applied in finite element simulationsSchneider, Yanling; Wasserbäch, Werner; Schmauder, Siegfried; Zhou, Zhangjian; Zielke, Reiner; Tillmann, Wolfgang
2021Midbrain dopaminergic inputs gate amygdala intercalated cell clusters by distinct and cooperative mechanisms in male miceAksoy-Aksel, Ayla; Gall, Andrea; Seewald, Anna; Ferraguti, Francesco; Ehrlich, Ingrid
2018Operation and simulation of a technical-scale plant for CO2 capture via chemical absorption in a packed columnRincón Soto, Nelson Felipe
2021Coupled metal hydride systems for energy storageLutz, Michael
2021Oxy-fuel combustion of hard coal, wheat straw, and solid recovered fuel in a 200 kWth calcium looping CFB calcinerMoreno, Joseba; Hornberger, Matthias; Schmid, Max; Scheffknecht, Günter
2021Determination of degradation mechanisms during the cyclic ageing of Li-ion batteriesSimolka, Matthias
2021Kopplung von Aldolasereaktionen und der Thiamindiphosphat-abhängigen Synthase MenD zur Gewinnung funktionalisierter FeinchemikalienSchapfl, Matthias
2021Scenario analysis of energy transition in eastern coastal metropolitan regions of ChinaXiao, Mengzhu
2021Mikroservicearchitektur-basierte CFD-Simulation von Phänomenen Dynamischer Systeme am Beispiel moderner BergbaubewetterungCheptsov, Alexey
2021Investigation of the interaction of PRMT6 and LEF1/β-catenin in hematopoiesisSchneider, Lucas
2020DLC3 suppresses MT1-MMP-dependent matrix degradation by controlling RhoB and actin remodeling at endosomal membranesBenz, David
2021Modeling of complex electrolytes : a numerical simulation studyNarayanan Krishnamoorthy, Anand
2020Disentangling force field and sampling issues in biomolecular systemsMarkthaler, Daniel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1310