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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018PFG-NMR studies of ATP diffusion in PEG-DA hydrogels and aqueous solutions of PEG-DA polymersMajer, Günter; Southan, Alexander
2020A moving bed reactor for thermochemical energy storage based on metal oxides applied for concentrated solar power plantsNeumann, Nicole Carina
2020Degradation study on solid oxide steam electrolysisHörlein, Michael Philipp
2020Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional macromonomers and photoacid generators for the modification of hydrogelsReinold, Karishma Katharina
2020Large eddy simulation of pulverised coal combustionOlenik, Gregor
2020Untersuchung von periodischen und turbulenten Strömungsfluktuationen einer Francis-Turbine im Teillastbetrieb mit Laser-Doppler-AnemometrieFrey, Axel
2020Numerical investigation of the full load instability in a Francis turbineWack, Jonas
2020Experimental investigation on the heat transfer between condensing steam and supercritical CO2 in compact heat exchangersSträtz, Marcel
2020Interaction between CO2/HCO3- and the iron homeostasis in Corynebacterium glutamicumMüller, Felix
2020Entwicklung und Bewertung eines Verfahrens zur Herstellung von Fucoxanthin und Eicosapentaensäure mit Phaeodactylum tricornutumDerwenskus, Felix
2020Functions of protein kinase D in β-cell regulation and breast cancer stem cell maintenanceLieb, Wolfgang-Sebastian
2020Modeling energy scenarios with power-flow constraints : transparency, challenges and system adequacyCao, Karl-Kiên
2020Factors affecting the synthesis of cellobiose lipids by Sporisorium scitamineumOraby, Amira; Werner, Nicole; Sungur, Zehra; Zibek, Susanne
2020Zusammenfassung des Working Paper „Technologien und Geschäftsmodellmuster des Smart Grids - Eine Multimodale Erhebung der aktuellen Trends und Analyse der Wechselwirkungen"Häbig, Pascal; Peper, Dominik; Fluri, Verena
2020Zusammenfassung zum Working Paper „Unternehmensökosysteme im Smart Grid - Eine Fallstudie für Anbieter von intelligenten Messsystemen"Peper, Dominik; Häbig, Pascal; Fluri, Verena
2020Precision 3D‐printed cell scaffolds mimicking native tissue composition and mechanicsErben, Amelie; Hörning, Marcel; Hartmann, Bastian; Becke, Tanja; Eisler, Stephan A.; Southan, Alexander; Cranz, Séverine; Hayden, Oliver; Kneidinger, Nikolaus; Königshoff, Melanie; Lindner, Michael; Tovar, Günter E. M.; Burgstaller, Gerald; Clausen‐Schaumann, Hauke; Sudhop, Stefanie; Heymann, Michael
2020Leaching of fly ash particulate matter in MEA solutions and its relevance to the CO2 capture process with flue gas of coal-fired power plantsSchallert, Bernd
2020Untersuchung der Antriebsstrangdynamik in WindenergieanlagenHorch, Joachim
2019Barrier properties and analysis of defects of plasma polymerized hexamethyldisilazane-based filmsTroia, Mariagrazia
2017Silicon integrated dual-mode interferometer with differential outputsHoppe, Niklas; Scheck, Pascal; Sweidan, Rami; Diersing, Philipp; Rathgeber, Lotte; Vogel, Wolfgang; Riegger, Benjamin; Southan, Alexander; Berroth, Manfred
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1267