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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Thin organic‐inorganic anti‐fouling hybrid‐films for microreactor componentsNeßlinger, Vanessa; Welzel, Stefan; Rieker, Florian; Meinderink, Dennis; Nieken, Ulrich; Grundmeier, Guido
2023How can climate neutrality be achieved for industry? A multi-perspective analysisBuettner, Stefan M.
2023Development and investigation of gas-diffusion electrodes for the electrochemical reduction of CO2Kopljar, Dennis
2022Predicting and rationalizing the Soret coefficient of binary Lennard‐Jones mixtures in the liquid stateZimmermann, Nils E. R.; Guevara‐Carrion, Gabriela; Vrabec, Jadran; Hansen, Niels
2023Improved micro-oil droplet coalescence for oil-water separation by spider silk-like structuresAliabadi, Maryam
2023Novel test protocols and characterization techniques for OER based reversal tolerant PEFC anodes for automotive applicationsBentele, Dominik
2022Experimentelle Untersuchung des Calcium-Looping-Verfahrens im PilotmaßstabDieter, Heiko
2021Isobutanol production by autotrophic acetogenic bacteriaWeitz, Sandra; Hermann, Maria; Linder, Sonja; Bengelsdorf, Frank R.; Takors, Ralf; Dürre, Peter
2020Cultivation-independent analysis of the bacterial community associated with the calcareous sponge Clathrina clathrus and isolation of Poriferisphaera corsica Gen. Nov., Sp. Nov., belonging to the barely studied class Phycisphaerae in the phylum PlanctomycetesKallscheuer, Nicolai; Wiegand, Sandra; Kohn, Timo; Boedeker, Christian; Jeske, Olga; Rast, Patrick; Müller, Ralph-Walter; Brümmer, Franz; Heuer, Anja; Jetten, Mike S. M.; Rohde, Manfred; Jogler, Mareike; Jogler, Christian
2021Identifying and engineering bottlenecks of autotrophic isobutanol formation in recombinant C. ljungdahlii by systemic analysisHermann, Maria; Teleki, Attila; Weitz, Sandra; Niess, Alexander; Freund, Andreas; Bengelsdorf, Frank Robert; Dürre, Peter; Takors, Ralf
2021Role of peripheral immune cells for development and recovery of chronic painBethea, John R.; Fischer, Roman
2021Pharmacokinetic engineering of OX40-blocking anticalin proteins using monomeric plasma half-life extension domainsSiegemund, Martin; Oak, Prajakta; Hansbauer, Eva-Maria; Allersdorfer, Andrea; Utschick, Karoline; Winter, Alexandra; Grasmüller, Christina; Galler, Gunther; Mayer, Jan-Peter; Weiche, Benjamin; Prassler, Josef; Kontermann, Roland E.; Rothe, Christine
2021Local membrane curvature pins and guides excitable membrane waves in chemotactic and macropinocytic cells : biomedical insights from an innovative simple modelHörning, Marcel; Bullmann, Torsten; Shibata, Tatsuo
2021To prevent or promote grid expansion? : analyzing the future role of power transmission in the European energy systemCao, Karl-Kiên; Pregger, Thomas; Haas, Jannik; Lens, Hendrik
2021Nano-in-micro-particles consisting of PLGA nanoparticles embedded in chitosan microparticles via spray-drying enhances their uptake in the olfactory mucosaSpindler, Lena Marie; Feuerhake, Andreas; Ladel, Simone; Günday, Cemre; Flamm, Johannes; Günday-Türeli, Nazende; Türeli, Emre; Tovar, Günter E. M.; Schindowski, Katharina; Gruber-Traub, Carmen
2021A timed off-switch for dynamic control of gene expression in Corynebacterium glutamicumSiebert, Daniel; Altenbuchner, Josef; Blombach, Bastian
2021The TNFR1 antagonist Atrosimab is therapeutic in mouse models of acute and chronic inflammationRichter, Fabian; Williams, Sarah K.; John, Katharina; Huber, Carina; Vaslin, Camille; Zanker, Henri; Fairless, Richard; Pichi, Kira; Marhenke, Silke; Vogel, Arndt; Dhaen, Marie-Ann; Herrmann, Stefanie; Herrmann, Andreas; Pfizenmaier, Klaus; Bantel, Heike; Diem, Ricarda; Kontermann, Roland E.; Fischer, Roman
2021Fear memory retrieval is associated with a reduction in AMPA receptor density at thalamic to amygdala intercalated cell synapsesSeewald, Anna; Schönherr, Sabine; Hörtnagl, Heide; Ehrlich, Ingrid; Schmuckermair, Claudia; Ferraguti, Francesco
2022Synthetic mutualism in engineered E. coli mutant strains as functional basis for microbial production consortiaMüller, Tobias; Schick, Simon; Beck, Jonathan; Sprenger, Georg; Takors, Ralf
2023PC-SAFT density functional theory in 3 dimensions : adsorption in ordered porous media and solvation free energies in non-polar solventsEller, Johannes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1637