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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Current state of chitin purification and chitosan production from insectsHahn, Thomas; Tafi, Elena; Paul, Aman; Salvia, Rosanna; Falabella, Patrizia; Zibek, Susanne
2023Comprehensive characterization and evaluation of the process chain and products from Euphausia superba exocuticles to chitosanHahn, Thomas; Egger, Jeannine; Krake, Simon; Dyballa, Michael; Stegbauer, Linus; von Seggern, Nils; Bruheim, Inge; Zibek, Susanne
2024Techno-economic analysis of an instrument mix to decarbonize the electricity sectorGillich, Annika
2024Umgang mit zeitlich hoher Auflösung in Elektrizitätsmarktmodellen im Zusammenhang mit der Bewertung von FlexibilitätenSavvidis, Georgios
2024Deciphering metabolic pathways in high-seeding-density fed-batch processes for monoclonal antibody production : a computational modeling perspectiveBokelmann, Carolin; Ehsani, Alireza; Schaub, Jochen; Stiefel, Fabian
2024Complementation of an Escherichia coli K-12 mutant strain deficient in KDO synthesis by forming D-arabinose 5-phosphate from glycolaldehyde with fructose 6-phosphate aldolase (FSA)Guitart Font, Emma; Sprenger, Georg A.
2024Developing a cloud-based air quality monitoring platform using low-cost sensorsSamad, Abdul; Kieser, Joschka; Chourdakis, Ioannis; Vogt, Ulrich
2024Molecular dynamics simulations of the substrate- and product specificity and mechanism of DNA- and protein lysine methyltransferasesSchnee, Philipp
2024Temperature reduction as operando performance recovery procedure for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsZhang, Qian; Schulze, Mathias; Gazdzicki, Pawel; Friedrich, Kaspar Andreas
2020Linking hyperosmotic stress and apoptotic sensitivityStöhr, Daniela; Rehm, Markus
2021Balancing glucose and oxygen uptake rates to enable high amorpha‐4,11‐diene production in Escherichia coli via the methylerythritol phosphate pathwayPatil, Vikas; Santos, Christine N. S.; Ajikumar, Parayil K.; Sarria, Stephen; Takors, Ralf
2021Exploring the interface of skin‐layered titanium fibers for electrochemical water splittingLiu, Chang; Shviro, Meital; Gago, Aldo S.; Zaccarine, Sarah F.; Bender, Guido; Gazdzicki, Pawel; Morawietz, Tobias; Biswas, Indro; Rasinski, Marcin; Everwand, Andreas; Schierholz, Roland; Pfeilsticker, Jason; Müller, Martin; Lopes, Pietro P.; Eichel, Rüdiger‐A.; Pivovar, Bryan; Pylypenko, Svitlana; Friedrich, K. Andreas; Lehnert, Werner; Carmo, Marcelo
2024Experimental characterization and numerical simulation of differential PEM fuel cellsGerling, Christophe
2024Effect of dissolved carbon dioxide on cavitation in a circular orificeSafaei, Sina; Mehring, Carsten
2023Alternative active site confinement by enforcing substrate pre-organization in cyclasesSchell, Kristina
2024CO and H2S in H2: contamination, recovery and mitigation strategies in PEMFCs with ultra-low Pt loaded anode electrodesPrass, Sebastian
2020On the use of side‐chain NMR relaxation data to derive structural and dynamical information on proteins : a case study using hen lysozymeSmith, Lorna J.; Gunsteren, Wilfred F. van; Hansen, Niels
2023Holistic assessment of decarbonization pathways of energy-intensive industries based on exergy analysisLeisin, Matthias; Radgen, Peter
2020Methylthioadenosine (MTA) boosts cell‐specific productivities of Chinese hamster ovary cultures : dosage effects on proliferation, cell cycle and gene expressionVerhagen, Natascha; Zieringer, Julia; Takors, Ralf
2021Single cell bioprinting with ultrashort laser pulsesZhang, Jun; Byers, Patrick; Erben, Amelie; Frank, Christine; Schulte‐Spechtel, Levin; Heymann, Michael; Docheva, Denitsa; Huber, Heinz P.; Sudhop, Stefanie; Clausen‐Schaumann, Hauke
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1777