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Authors: Siebler, Flora
Title: Scale-up of gas fermentations : modelling tools for risk minimisation
Issue Date: 2020 Dissertation
Abstract: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a global endeavour supported by society, politics and industry. In recent years, circular economy, reducing the exploitation of fossil energy sources, have increased the demand for new solutions when producing commodities and fine chemicals. Caboxydotrophic fermentations with acetogenic bacteria are potential processes in order to reach these goals. They convert gaseous substrates such as CO, and CO2/H2 mixtures. However, gases as sole substrate are rather challenging, not only in small lab-scales but especially in large-scale. Transferring an efficient fermentation process from experimental to industrial scales often results in unpredictable performance losses. This study presents an in silico concept minimising possible risks in gas fermentations up-scaling. First, the economical feasibility of various fermentation methods is investigated. Then, two computational tools are presented using Clostridium ljungdahlii as model organism and synthesis gas as substrate in a 125 m3 bubble column reactor. The combination of economical investigation with modelling tools show high potential for successful scale-up of gas fermentations. With this concept feasibility, reactor design, operation mode and general risk minimisation can be analysed and specified.
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