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Authors: Nasser, Jazdi
Ashtari Talkhestani, Behrang
Maschler, Benjamin
Weyrich, Michael
Title: Realization of AI-enhanced industrial automation systems using intelligent Digital Twins
Issue Date: 2020 Preprint 5
Abstract: A requirement of future industrial automation systems is the application of intelligence in the context of their optimization, adaptation and reconfiguration. This paper begins with an introduction of the definition of (artificial) intelligence to derive a framework for artificial intelligence enhanced industrial automation systems: An artificial intelligence component is connected with the industrial automation system’s control unit and other entities through a series of standardized interfaces for data and information exchange. This framework is then put into context of the intelligent Digital Twin architecture, highlight the latter as a possible implementation of such systems. Concluding, a prototypical implementation on the basis of a modular cyber-physical production system is described. The intelligent Digital Twin realized this way provides the four fundamental sub-processes of intelligence, namely observation, analysis, reasoning and action. A detailed description of all technologies used is given.
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