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Authors: Malyar, Nataliya V.
Grabowski, Blazej
Dehm, Gerhard
Kirchlechner, Christoph
Title: Dislocation slip transmission through a coherent Σ3{111} copper twin boundary: strain rate sensitivity, activation volume and strength distribution function
Issue Date: 2018 Zeitschriftenartikel 412-419 Acta materialia, 161 (218), S. 412-419
ISBN: 1359-6454
Abstract: We present the first measurement of the strain rate sensitivity of the ideal dislocation slip transmission through a coherent Σ3{111} copper twin boundary. For this purpose we have deformed 129 geometrically identical samples at different strain rates. The micron-sized samples are either single crystalline (87 pillars) or contain one vertical Σ3{111} twin boundary (42 pillars). The strain rate sensitivity of the ideal slip transmission event is 0.015 ± 0.009. This value is considerably lower than the strain rate sensitivity observed for nano-twinned bulk materials, which is addressed to multiple simultaneously activated deformation processes present in the latter case. The activation volume of the ideal slip transmission points towards a cross-slip like transmission process of dislocations through the twin boundary. Furthermore, the high number of geometrically identical samples is used to discuss the ability to identify the strength distribution function of micropillars.
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