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dc.contributor.authorFandino, Daniel-
dc.contributor.authorGuski, Vinzenz-
dc.contributor.authorWegert, Robert-
dc.contributor.authorMöhring, Hans-Christian-
dc.contributor.authorSchmauder, Siegfried-
dc.description.abstractSingle-lip deep hole drilling (SLD) is characterized by a high surface quality and compressive residual stress in the subsurface of the drill hole. These properties are strongly dependent on the cutting parameters of the SLD process and the actual geometry of the insert and the guide pads. In the present work, full 3D FE simulations of the SLD process were carried out to analyze the thermo-mechanical as-is state in the drilling contact zone by evaluating the feed force, the temperature, as well as the residual stress in the drill hole subsurface. An extensive simulation study was conducted on the effect of the process parameters on the properties using design of experiments (DoE). For the simulations, the Johnson-Cook (JC) constitutive law and the element elimination technique (EET) were applied to represent the material behavior of the workpiece, including chip formation. In-process measurements as well as results from the hole-drilling method to determine residual stresses were conducted to verify the numerical results. By means of DoE and analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression models were developed to describe the effect of the feed rate, cutting speed, and guide pad height on the temperature, feed force, and residual stress in the subsurface.en
dc.titleSimulation study on single-lip deep hole drilling using design of experimentsen
ubs.fakultaetEnergie-, Verfahrens- und Biotechnikde
ubs.fakultaetKonstruktions-, Produktions- und Fahrzeugtechnikde
ubs.institutInstitut für Materialprüfung, Werkstoffkunde und Festigkeitslehrede
ubs.institutInstitut für Werkzeugmaschinende
ubs.publikation.sourceJournal of manufacturing and materials processing 5 (2021), No. 44de
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