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Authors: Nitsche, Sebastian
Title: The minimal projective resolution of Z_(2) over Z_(2)S_4
Issue Date: 2017 Abschlussarbeit (Master) 106
Abstract: We consider the trivial module Z_(2) over the group ring Z_(2)S_4. Using the Wedderburn image of Z_(2)S_4, a minimal projective resolution of Z_(2) over Z_(2)S_4 with regular behavior is constructed. We give a closed formula for the projective terms and the differentials. The minimal projective resolution is used to calculate the cohomology groups of S_4 over Z_(2). In 1974, Thomas gave a description of the cohomology ring of S_4 as a factor ring of a polynomial ring. As far as we were able to compare both using Magma, our calculation is in accordance with his result.
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