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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Hybrid molecules consisting of lysine dendrons with several hydrophobic tails : a SCF study of self-assemblingShavykin, Oleg V.; Mikhtaniuk, Sofia E.; Fatullaev, Emil I.; Neelov, Igor M.; Leermakers, Frans A. M.; Brito, Mariano E.; Holm, Christian; Borisov, Oleg V.; Darinskii, Anatoly A.
2023Spin-orbit coupled states arising in the half-filled t2g shellSchönleber, Marco
2023Electrical detection of Rydberg interactions in nitric oxide at room temperatureMunkes, Fabian
2023Coarse-grained simulations of molecular catalysis in confined spacesTischler, Ingo
2023Effective Kugel-Khomskii type models for d4 and d5 materialsStrobel, Pascal
2023Quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning for differential equationsSchillo, Niclas
2023Optimising nitrogen-vacancy based widefield imaging for broadband applicationsGarsi, Marwa
2023Unraveling the impact of acetylation patterns in chitosan oligomers on Cu2+ ion binding : insights from DFT calculationsSingh, Ratna; Smiatek, Jens; Moerschbacher, Bruno M.
2023On the uniqueness of the Calderón problem and its application in electrical impedance tomographyPombo, Ivan
2023Werner Eissner (1930-2022) : a pioneer in computational atomic physicsBhatia, Anand K.; Lynas-Gray, Anthony E.; Mendoza, Claudio; Nahar, Sultana; Nussbaumer, Harry; Pradhan, Anil K.; Seaton, Anthony M.; Wunner, Günter; Zeippen, Claude J.
2023Application of machine learning to find exceptional pointsEgenlauf, Patrick
20223D direct laser writing of highly absorptive photoresist for miniature optical aperturesSchmid, Michael D.; Toulouse, Andrea; Thiele, Simon; Mangold, Simon; Herkommer, Alois M.; Giessen, Harald
2023Towards highly efficient single photon detectors for near- and mid-infrared using integrated niobium plasmonicsKarl, Philipp
2023Relation between ionized gas kinematics and Lyman-alpha observables in galaxiesSchaible, Anna Lena
2023Quantum cooling : thermodynamics and informationSoldati, Rodolfo R.
2023Berechnung instantaner Raten für getriebene Systeme mit Rang-1-Sattel unter Verwendung der linearisierten BewegungsgleichungenKröninger, Hannes
2022Quantifying quantum heterodyne and non-linear spectroscopy for nanoscale magnetic resonanceMeinel, Jonas
2023Correlated voltage dependent- and magnetic-reflectometry at transition metal/insulator heterostructuresIlse, Sven Erik
2023Entropy by neighbor distance as a new measure for characterizing spatiotemporal orders in microscopic collective systemsFu, Yulei; Wu, Zongyuan; Zhan, Sirui; Yang, Jiacheng; Gardi, Gaurav; Kishore, Vimal; Malgaretti, Paolo; Wang, Wendong
2023Lossless transformations and excess risk bounds in statistical inferenceGyörfi, László; Linder, Tamás; Walk, Harro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1011