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Authors: Vural, Hüseyin
Title: Optical and quantum optical properties of a quantum dot-atomic vapor interface
Issue Date: 2021 Dissertation 174
URI: The content of several sections are reproduced in parts from: Optica 5, 367-373 (2018) ©2018 Optical Society of America; Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 030501 (2020) ©2020 AIP Publishing LLC; Phys. Rev. B 101, 161401 (2020) ©2020 American Physical Society; Phys. Rev. B 103, 195304 (2021) ©2021 American Physical Society
Abstract: The pathway to advanced quantum technological applications often includes hybrid quantum systems of matter mediated by quantum-states of light. This thesis examines a particular hybrid system formed by a single semiconductor quantum dot (QD) and cesium (Cs) atoms in a hot vapor. Pulsed resonant excitation of single InGaAs QDs is utilized to realize precisely timed emission of pure single and indistinguishable photons. This enables detailed studies of the interaction of one- and two-photon Fock-states with a hot Cs vapor within the framework of the slow-light effect. A delay line for both Fock-states is realized achieving high fractional delays, while the photon statistics of the transmitted light is investigated after the vapor. On that basis, via Hong-Ou-Mandel measurements, the implications of pulse distortion for future quantum networks that rely on two-photon interference is investigated. Moreover, the essential connection between dispersion and unique pulse distortion is exploited for a novel time-domain high-resolution spectroscopy. It allows to tackle the open problem of characterizing spectral diffusion dynamics of on-demand operated quantum emitters. With this method, assessing their performances for quantum optical applications by straightforward photon-correlation is achieved.
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