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Authors: Dasari, Durga Bhaktavatsala Rao
Title: Thermodynamics of quantum spin-bath depolarization
Issue Date: 2023 Zeitschriftenartikel 9 Entropy 25 (2023), No. 340
ISSN: 1099-4300
Abstract: We analyze here through exact calculations the thermodynamical effects in depolarizing a quantum spin-bath initially at zero temperature through a quantum probe coupled to an infinite temperature bath by evaluating the heat and entropy changes. We show that the correlations induced in the bath during the depolarizing process does not allow for the entropy of the bath to increase towards its maximal limit. On the contrary, the energy deposited in the bath can be completely extracted in a finite time. We explore these findings through an exactly solvable central spin model, wherein a central spin-1/2 system is homogeneously coupled to a bath of identical spins. Further, we show that, upon destroying these unwanted correlations, we boost the rate of both energy extraction and entropy towards their limiting values. We envisage that these studies are relevant for quantum battery research wherein both charging and discharging processes are key to characterizing the battery performance.
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