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Authors: Pustogow, Andrej
Saito, Yohei
Löhle, Anja
Sanz Alonso, Miriam
Kawamoto, Atsushi
Dobrosavljević, Vladimir
Dressel, Martin
Fratini, Simone
Title: Rise and fall of Landau’s quasiparticles while approaching the Mott transition
Issue Date: 2021 Zeitschriftenartikel 8 Nature communications 12 (2021), No. 1571
ISSN: 2041-1723
Abstract: Landau suggested that the low-temperature properties of metals can be understood in terms of long-lived quasiparticles with all complex interactions included in Fermi-liquid parameters, such as the effective mass m⋆. Despite its wide applicability, electronic transport in bad or strange metals and unconventional superconductors is controversially discussed towards a possible collapse of the quasiparticle concept. Here we explore the electrodynamic response of correlated metals at half filling for varying correlation strength upon approaching a Mott insulator. We reveal persistent Fermi-liquid behavior with pronounced quadratic dependences of the optical scattering rate on temperature and frequency, along with a puzzling elastic contribution to relaxation. The strong increase of the resistivity beyond the Ioffe-Regel-Mott limit is accompanied by a ‘displaced Drude peak’ in the optical conductivity. Our results, supported by a theoretical model for the optical response, demonstrate the emergence of a bad metal from resilient quasiparticles that are subject to dynamical localization and dissolve near the Mott transition.
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