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Authors: Joßberger, Simon
Riedelbauch, Stefan
Title: Scale-resolving hybrid RANS-LES simulation of a model Kaplan turbine on a 400-million-element mesh
Issue Date: 2023 Zeitschriftenartikel 12 International journal of turbomachinery, propulsion and power 8 (2023), No. 26
ISSN: 2504-186X
Abstract: Double-regulated Kaplan turbines with adjustable guide vanes and runner blades offer a high degree of flexibility and good efficiency for a wide range of operating points. However, this also leads to a complex geometry and flow guidance with, for example, vortices of different sizes and strengths. The flow in a draft tube is especially challenging to simulate mainly due to flow phenomena, like swirl, separation and strong adverse pressure gradients, and a strong dependency on the upstream flow conditions. Standard simulation approaches with RANS turbulence models, a coarse mesh and large time step size often fail to correctly predict performance and can even lead to wrong tendencies in the overall behavior. To reveal occurring flow phenomena and physical effects, a scale-resolving hybrid RANS-LES simulation on a block structured mesh of about 400 million hexahedral elements of a double-regulated five-blade model Kaplan turbine is carried out. In this paper, first, the results of the ongoing simulation are presented. The major part of the simulation domain is running in LES mode and seems to be properly resolved. The validation of the simulation results with the experimental data shows mean deviations of less than 0.8% in the global results, i.e., total head and power, and a good visual agreement with the three-dimensional PIV measurements of the velocity in the cone and both diffuser channels of the draft tube. In particular, the trend of total head and the results for the draft tube differ significantly between the scale-resolving simulation and a standard RANS simulation. The standard RANS simulation exhibits a highly unsteady behavior of flow, which is not observed in the experiments or scale-resolving simulation.
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