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Authors: Bogdanić, Anton
Casucci, Daniele
Ožbolt, Joško
Title: Numerical and experimental investigation of anchor channels subjected to tension load in composite slabs with profiled steel decking
Issue Date: 2022 Zeitschriftenartikel 296-315 CivilEng 3 (2022), S. 296-315
ISSN: 2673-4109
Abstract: In curtain wall applications, anchor channels are frequently installed near the edge of composite slabs with profiled steel decking. The complex concrete geometry of these floor slabs affects the capacity of all concrete failure modes, but there are currently no guidelines or investigations available on this topic. The main objective of the present research is to investigate how the position of anchor channels and the complex slab geometry influence the tensile capacity of anchor channels. For this purpose, an extensive numerical parametric study was performed using the 3D nonlinear FE code MASA, which is based on the microplane constitutive model. In order to validate the numerical results, an experimental program was carried out for some of the configurations possible in practice. Based on the results, recommendations are given for the reduction in the tensile capacity of anchor channels in composite slabs with profiled steel decking.
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