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Authors: Rohwer, Andrea
Dressel, Martin
Nakamura, Toshikazu
Title: Deuteration effects on the transport properties of (TMTTF)2X salts
Issue Date: 2020 Zeitschriftenartikel 18 Crystals 10 (2020), No. 1085
ISSN: 2073-4352
Abstract: The electronic properties in the quasi-one-dimensional Fabre salts are strongly affected by electronic correlations along the molecular stacks, but also by the interactions with the anions located in a cage that is formed by the methyl end groups. We systematically compare the charge transport in deuterated and protonated (TMTTF)2X salts with the anions X = Br, PF6, SbF6, and ClO4, ranging from Mott and Efros-Shklovskii variable-range hopping to activated band transport with a temperature dependent energy gap. The strong dependence of charge localization and ordering on the anion size and deuteration confirms the subtle structural involvement of the anions in the charge transport along the TMTTF stack.
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