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Authors: Baazouzi, Sabri
Grimm, Julian
Birke, Kai Peter
Title: Multi-method model for the investigation of disassembly scenarios for electric vehicle batteries
Issue Date: 2023 Zeitschriftenartikel 22 Batteries 9 (2023), No. 587
ISSN: 2313-0105
Abstract: Disassembly is a pivotal technology to enable the circularity of electric vehicle batteries through the application of circular economy strategies to extend the life cycle of battery components through solutions such as remanufacturng, repurposing, and efficient recycling, ultimately reintegrating gained materials into the production of new battery systems. This paper aims to develop a multi-method self-configuring simulation model to investigate disassembly scenarios, taking into account battery design as well as the configuration and layout of the disassembly station. We demonstrate the developed model in a case study using a Mercedes-Benz battery and the automated disassembly station of the DeMoBat project at Fraunhofer IPA. Furthermore, we introduce two disassembly scenarios: component-oriented and accessibility-oriented disassembly. These scenarios are compared using the simulation model to determine several indicators, including the frequency of tool change, the number and distribution of robot routes, tool utilization, and disassembly time.
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